Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grand Prize Winner of the Capri Sun Sunrise Contest

Goes to Jan McDonough of Queen Creek, Arizona! Jan was chosen randomly from well over 300 entries, including some who had up to 3 entries each via a comment, a Tweet, or blogging about the sweepstakes. While Jan gets the $250 gift card (which I'd like to note would buy a bunch of Capri Sun Juice boxes in all kinds of flavors just to keep cool in that "dry" desert heat) our family still has some business to follow up. Because there were so many last minute entries we're still pouring over some of your morning experiences so that we can award a couple of secondary prizes.

Some of these great stories include sending your child to school on a weekend, forgetting to wear underpants, rescuing a pet from skunk spray before the bus arrived, brushing teeth with a product other than toothpaste, and a whole slew of wonderful tips to get your day started in a more orderly and tranquil fashion. I will be getting in touch with those winning a second prize in a few days and will update here once again to share the highlights of what you had to say!

We thank Capri Sun and BlogHer for allowing us to participate. We also thank each of you for sharing with us! Come back soon since more contests are in the works!

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